[PAID] Programmer for hire

OK, well I’m not sure how many people know me……  so I won’t even try to assume.  I’m 314piwm (last know as westin444.)  I’ve been working around the Eclipse engines for 2 or 3 years now, not so much trying to make a game, but furthering my knowledge of different programming languages.

The programming languages I know the most in right now are probably PHP, VB6, and Java.  I wouldn’t call myself expert, but I’m pretty adept it all of them.  Right now I’m working on furthering my knowledge of Java by working with its OpenGL bindings, or JOGL.  But, with school starting up and such  I’ve found myself a little short of cash, so I decided that I could try this.  I only accept payments through PayPal, and I only do so after I’m done and your satisfied with the outcome.  I’ll put a few examples of my work below, and I’ll keep my prices low.

In case you don’t want to read all that:

I’m a Java, and VB6 programmer for hire.
I can also do some PHP or Javascript if need-be.
I’ll give you an estimate beforehand, and a final price after I’m finished. 
Just to make it easier on both of us I require plenty of details on what you want. 
You can contact me at my E-mail:  3.14.pi.wm@gmail.com , or on here.

Here is some examples of my work in VB6:
A Magical NPC System:

! In action:

! The editor:

! A few notes about this system:
-It doesn’t completely stop the npc from attacking with melee.  If it runs out of mana, or if a spell isn’t casted by chance it will attack with Melee.
-It can cast from however far away the NPC is from the player ts attacking as long as there are no blocked tiles along the path.

A Minimap System:

This also has an A-Star Algorithm implemented, and when you click on the mini-map or on the screen it will walk there by the easiest path.

Some of my work with Java:
A Java Game-Chat:

This is a .jar that could be embeded into a website if wanted.  It simply allows the player to log into your server and chat with people, create/delete
accounts, and add, delete, and chat-with characers.
It requires a small Server-side update so Clients playing the game don’t see them on the maps, and so the Server doesn’t include them in its AI.

I don’t have any example of PHP on-hand, but my work includes the image GDI, working with files, connecting to servers(eclipse and others), and MYSQL integration.

Your work is very impressive I would love to hire you, the project is pretty much on the down low until we release a WIP, however the team and I cannot offer anyform of currency as we are creating Horde purely for fun but obviously we are developing a serious game. Add me on msn alvendale@live.co.uk and we can offer a small skilled team of individuals for you to work with, no bullshit, we have our heads screwed on right. I’m sorry about the currency.

Sorry, but I don’t really want to become extremely dedicated to any project right now, as I don’t got a lot of free time on my hands, and the time I do have needs to be dedicated to keeping an ok income coming….  granted a small one.

PHP programmers don’t exist.



PHP programmer for hire.

Fine…… lol

I might like to have you on the team for the long-planned project I’m currently working on. Message me if youre still interested, and ill shoot you the details.

Interesting, I’ll shoot you a PM. Good luck!

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