Flash10a.ocx problem!!

HI, i’m using eclipse stable ver. and since a week when I start the source file with basic, it tells me Loading Problem, and that the file flash10a.ocx is missing. I looked into the flash folder and i saw that is empty…

What should I do?

And I have another question:
Where can I find pngs with complete set of Heads, Bodys and Pants,
cause i want to use Custom setting 1 (so the player makes his character)

plz answer me!

1. Reinstall the library files or manually register (regsvr32 “C:/path/to/eclipse/stable/Data/flash10a.ocx”    replace C:/path/to/eclipse stable). Flash folder is for flashes you made so there won’t be anything there.
2. No. You have to make those or find them yourself. We aren’t here to find stuff for you. Also, Eclipse doesn’t support PNGs.

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