Daily Dose of English

Vocabulary Game


This is an exercise that I do each day to help increase my vocabulary and my grammar skills.

At the end of each day I randomly select a word that I don’t know;  then the next day I will try to correctly use that word in a sentence.

So I thought it might be a fun game for anyone that would like to increase their vocabulary or enjoys English.

At the end of each day I will write down a new word and the definition for that word. The following day you will try to use that word correctly in a sentence; then you will post your sentence in this topic when you have time.

You can look up examples of how the word is used in a sentence if it will help. Of course I need to see how many people are playing. 🙂

Example of How it Works:

! (1) The word of the day is;  Concur - To have have the same opinion (agree with) as someone or have two things that coincide.
! (2) Try and use the word Concur in a sentence the very next day.
! (3) When you have time tomorrow post your sentence in this topic.
! (3)Example; I was talking to my friend John and I said, “I concur with you John; the cafeteria food is terrible.”

Word for tomorrow:


An action or person not showing proper respect. (rude, insolent, presumptuous, etc)

Something irrelevant to a particular matter.

what an Impertinent dog!

Most people on eclipse are Impertinent

Today a telemarketer called around 9:00am about my “credit card”; I told him any advice he could give me was impertinent, as I didn’t have one.

Word for tomorrow:


Very attractive or tempting (enticing, seductive)


What an alluring *. Excuse my French.

I win! 😛

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