Sprite Sheets

Here is a little sprite sheet I threw together… Let me know if you like it.


Here is a sprite sheet I found.

EDIT: Let me know if the new link works better.

A few RMVX sprites, in a completely unusable, ruined format. (JPEG)

Not sure what here is ‘to like’, and it’s completely useless as a resource. =|

Yeah , the image quality is bad.

The quality is just fine when I download it?

Well so photobucket screwed the image


Well so photobucket screwed the image

Lol no.

you should probably upload it as .bmp

I tryed, it only goes up as whatever the image hoster puts it as. I have it saved as .bmp but then it converts itself…

oh.  I did not know that.  PNG isn’t too bad though 😄

A lot of really cool sprites in there, I love the variations.

Great sprites, thanks for sharing 😄 I might use some of these  :azn:

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