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Emberseal is active-in-production, but low on team members (Only two >.>), I’ve been doing most of the work (Coding, etc), but I’m not so great with graphics, so Emberseal is recruiting experienced graphic artists now, here are the openings:
GUI Artist-Open
Tileset Artist-Open
Spriter-Open (2 Spots, one for player sprites, one for monster sprites, one person can take both, but note you will need two examples if you want to take both.)

Story(Shortened):The History of the Emberseal
  Long before humans prospered, there were eleven old knights. They had fought many battles with beasts that threatened towns, each one in a different country. One of the knights, Lord Kasuna, had the idea of sealing the monsters away for ever. Kasuna called Treton, Basu, Kilsten, Usmonae, Tijarno, Wekonae, Injane, Tispun, Jinsane, and Hisma together. After the eleven knights gathered, Kasuna told them of his plan to destroy the thing creating monsters, which was called “Overdrive”. For eight days they searched for this “Overdrive” and finally arrived.

The Creation
  When the knights arrived, they filled their stomachs and quenched their thirst, as to be ready for the task at hand. The “Overdrive” looked to be a huge orb, with electricity flowing throughout it. The knights found large coords, and each of them stood by one. They each used all their magical power, and send wave after wave of energy through the coords. They noticed that Overdrive was just absorbing the energy they sent in, and that they would never overflow and destroy it. The eleven knights then regrouped, and decided that sealing it was their only choice. All of them stood at one coord, and pouring their energy into it, they created a seal on Overdrive, leaving a mark of flame on the machine, along with the word “Emberseal” written under it. When this was done, each of the knights perished, as they had used up all of their life force creating the Emberseal.

  After the Emberseal was placed, and the people of the continents and countries heard of it, they all rejoiced! They spent no more time training warriors to fight, as there were no more monsters. Only one city out of the hundreds continued training warriors, in case something were to happen. The city of Etherblade continued training warriors, and they were shamed. They spent almost all of their time creating arms and armor, and as they did that, nothing ever happened that they were used for. Almost two thousand years later, in the year 1264, the contries became curious about this Emberseal. They sent ship after ship to search for it.

  One country’s exploration was successful, they had found the Emberseal, and Overdrive. The dark energy that Overdrive emitted was terrifying, and sent shivers down the backs of the voyagers. After several long days, the voyagers were reported dead at the site where their exploration ended. Two more ships arrived after three days, one from Etherblade, and the other from the Hokanu Region. The Etherblade ship’s crew hadn’t come because they were curious, they came to defend the Emberseal, and would make sure that no one went near it. As the Etherblade warriors got off their ship, fully clothed in armor and wielding swords, guns, spears, bows, daggers, and other weapons, the people of the Hokanu Region were getting off their ship, and immediately became possessed by the dark energy of Overdrive. They attacked the Etherblade warriors after transforming into monsterous beings, and they removed the Emberseal.

Ruin II
  All of the men and women that were near Overdrive evaporated into thin air, and nobody survived, except for eight Etherblade warriors. They were each of a different job, one was a master spearman, who in turn led the Dragoons. The second was a master bladesman, who taught and led the Blademasters. The third was a master scout, who led and trained the Rogues. The fourth was a master gunsman, who trained the rangers in mastering gunsmanship and archery. The fifth was a gunsman that also worked in potion making, who later led the Alchemists. The other three were all weak, who had trained in medicine and poison, who later led the Mages, Priests, and Wizards after learning how to control magic.

Demon Wars
  Now present time, the battles against the demons were increasing, and more and more people had to be taught, until it was almost required to help in some way, whether it be crafting armor or weapons, to actually going out and fighting. The wars between nations and cities still went on, as they even fought over which way the demons should be fought. Leaders stepped up as others were cut down, and continued their duty to lead the battle against demons to victory. It is nearing the time when the battles should end, so pick up your weapon of choice, and go out to destroy Overdrive!

Time Era: Medieval

Gameplay Type: Fantasy


Example works:http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf/index.php/topic,63002.0.html


All info on Emberseal:http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf/index.php/board,477.0.html

If you are interested in joining, please post/pm an example of your work and what spot you would like. Thanks,

I see you decided to try to find a tileset artist 😛  Good choice.  I support your assistant finding 100%

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