Demonoid Invitation Codes

Giving a few Demonoid invitation codes out if anyone needs one. Let me know.

If I could get one, that would be awesome.

I have 5 to give it too if anyone wants one.

Yes please. There’s a torrent on there that I want real bad.

K sent to Harris and Proximity.


K sent to Harris and Proximity.


I’ll take it, it can always be useful later on. ;D

K sent Ddunit. Anyway im off ill send out more codes when i get back.

Thanks, can’t wait to download my torrent now.

Yo hit me up marsh. I’ve been wanting one for a while now. <3.

It’s funny how I usually used PirateBay but 90% of the stuff have a text file named

Anyway, I would love one if you can send me it.
It’ll be great to torrent from the original tracker.


Would apriciate one ;D

Same a code would be lovely

Sent codes to you both. Shoulda asked me on Live Messenger if you wanted them, though. You know how well connected I am with private invitations. :3

Yo Evan/Robin, hook me up man!


ICT link=topic=64187.msg686646#msg686646 date=1282925873]
Yo Evan/Robin, hook me up man!


Haha cheers Robin.

I’ll prob send some out in a few hours still haven’t been home for more then 15 mins yet.

Id like a code.

Still waiting for mine but no hurry. Take your time to relax…

I got 3 torrent I want to download xD


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