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Hello everyone. Some of you may remember that little thing I did with Gangwars Online, a while back, well the reason that never came is because I moved to a different Engine. Well now I’m back using EO, and we are moving our game over from Xtreme Worlds to EO.

But we need to establish a full team before we can really continue with anything big.

Our objective of this game is to make everything custom. The current staff members we have are experienced in what we do.  Our Head Scripter is so well trained he even designed a launcher and patcher for the game in a little less then an hour.

Edit: ATTENTION EVERYONE: The spot we really need the most is Head GFX so if you are good at doing sprites/tiles/items etc. and a custom GUI, then please apply for the position this project will pretty much go on halt if we don’t fill this spot soon!

Owner: Ascid
Co-Owner: Faux God
Head Scripter: ShadowLife
Head Database: Ascid
Head Mapper:Faux God
Mapper: Ascid
Head GFX:
GFX: Faux God

Also a requirement for the Head Graphics spot, for this spot you have to be god with photoshop, you must be able to do nearly any type of graphic sprites/items/tiles etc. You must be able to create a logo, and design backgrounds and graphics for the website and client.

I will post features and basic info so people know what they need to look forward to making/scripting.

Name: Deadtopia
Type: Post Apocalyptic Zombie ORPG
Basic Layout: You were just a normal person, going out with friends on the weekends, and working your job on the weekdays. You were just going on about life they way it should have gone. Everything was perfect. Until that night.


No class system, everyone is a Human, although when creating a character you choose a profession, this profession determines your starting gear and skills, also professions and all bonuses are explained further down.

Skills system that, gives you bonus to actions you may perform. Those will be explained more further down.

Game is mostly PVE with PVP elements. This game will have a weekly PVP event, with reward for 1st 2nd and 3rd place.

Big world to explore with only one area, that is populated by humans. The starting area AKA ViraTech Camp, this will have the Market(Auction House), The Amory (Bank) and The ViraTech Tent (Place where you can get quests, quests are changed daily)

Quests you can do once in the world, hoping to have enough quests to where the game has been active for 6 months and no one has discovered all the quests also these quests are all discovery quests, quests you have to discover, they can be anywhere from on the street to in an apartment or in a basement, they are everywhere in the world.

Guilds are now called Convoys to implement more realism.

When traversing the Zombie-Infested world, you can search basically anything from desks, to boxes, to store counters, everything you search, can have a chance at giving you something that you can use or sell, say you search a store counter in a Pharmacy, you actually have a chance at finding a Stim Pak.
More to come

100% custom patcher/launcher.

Mouse Aiming.


Doctor - Healing Power +5, Quest they can do as many times as they want for Stim Pak but it takes time (at max probably be able to do every 6 hours, unless they no-life it). Life Savings bonus of 100$.

Police Officer - Added Damage with Handguns/Shotguns +5, has quest similar to doctor except reward is 50 9MM Rounds. Arms bonus - Starts with 9MM handgun.

Store Clerk - Luck +5, Arms bonus - Starts with Crowbar, Life Savings bonus 25$, has quest similar to doctor except reward is 10$.

Security Guard - Hit Points + 5, Starts with Nightstick, Luck bonus +3 and has quest similar to doctor except reward is 25 Shotgun Shells.

There are more but I’m not saying all.


Healing - Increases how much healing bonus you get from a Stim Pak or Bandage(s).

Light Arms- Increases damage with Handguns/SMGs/Hand Grenades.

Heavy Arms - Increases damage with Machine Guns/Rocket Launchers/Shotguns.

Scouting - Increases Aim, Damage with sniper rife, and speed.

Luck - Increases the amount of items you get when searching, also increases the chance of acquiring an item.

There are more but why ruin it?

There will be a WIP once we get the project going.

Thank you for reading, and please post all applications below

When we have all the graphics and can start designing the server, we will make a WIP with the full story and everything like that but for now you may check out the website.

Hey i can be a mapper.
do i need hamatchi?

Interesting concepts, hope you guys are able to get this off the ground again and get your graphics guy. I’ll stay posted around here to see your progress.


Hey I can be a mapper.
do I need hamatchi?

Being as you have 1 post and took about 5 seconds to type your post, no you may not.

Give me an example of your work, and show me you will be dedicated by typing out a good paragraph or two, and I will consider it.

I would like to help you out on your game you have here if i may?
i cant scrpit
but i can make items and other several odds and ends
im a semi-mapper only for “small maps”
im a good class creator “i think”

I need graphics mostly right now, if you can make Modern Items - Guns/Bullets/Bandages Etc. I would be willing to employ you.

Hello may i map? i am very good at it but i have never mapped in a complete game. And whats with the fact that you judge someones mapping skills by how long it is. DO YOU WANT A HOUR LONG COMMENT.


Okay listen everyone, We don’t even have a tileset yet, so stop asking to map. Also if you’re going to ask anyway, make sure you type more then once sentence, also it’s not recommended you flame the person that you just asked to join there job. It’s not good ethics. That means you Hansbe123.

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