Tileset Artist for hire(Free)

General Info about me:

Name : Vitor Augusto ( Call me vit or vitin or whatever you want)
Age : 13 Years
Country : Brazil
Position wanted : Tileset artist
Contact : vitorgbs@hotmail.com

I’ll be posting new images soon.

Some areas I can pixel:
Normal forest tiles
Jungle tiles
Dark forest tiles
Medieval City tiles (praticing)
Swamp tiles
Snowland tiles(praticing)
Modern City tiles(praticing)
Cave tiles
Dungeon tiles
Desert tiles (Really suck at it but learning)

Thanks all , vitin.

EDIT: These screenshoots are kinda old.Ill post new ones soon.

hey, i would like to employ u for a game that currently hasn’t begun, but it has been planned.  I’ll PM u details.

Ok thank you!

Wow brilliant tiles sent you a proper PM.

Thanks!Still accepting job offers , i haven’t chosen a game to stick in yet.

Sent you a PM, thanks for taking my request into consideration.

Thanks.I still thinking off what game I will stick in.such beautiful games really hard to choose.

~~MyWorld really needs a pixel artist, because I’m damn terrible at them.


MyWorld has been in development since January 2009 and is now moving to a 2D MMO scene. Read the features on the website and see if it tickles your fancy.
Suffice to say, MyWorld is going to push the limits of the 2D MMORPG scene. Sure, alot of people say that about their game, but, read some of the features I put on MyWorld’s website, and see for yourself.

I don’t seem to be able to see your images, if they are there.~~


The images?I can see them

My internet is ducking up. I can’t access google, youtube or my own website - and a number of others. But I can access this one fine, exception of image loss, apparently.

Could you PM them to me? And, is my website working?

Sure.And your website is on.

Can you do retro? If so, I’d like you to show me some examples. If you need game info or anything else, feel free to PM me anytime.

Best Regards,

I dont do retro , but thanks anyways

the only tiles thats left for Storm of Conquest is some interior house tiles. its fantasy based and need things like Beds, rugs, counter tops, or anything else youll find in a house.

So if you would want to help there let me know

Hey vit=)
we are a german community and we are making a One-Piece-Online-MMORPG
here the link:

and we need a Tileset artist 😛
if you want then pls contact me ( PM:P )

Monkey D. Ruffy OPO:P

Awesome tiles, Vit!
If you’d be interested to do tilesets for Emberseal (Link in sig, PM me for any other details you might want), it’d be great, since it really needs a tileset artist.

Thanks for the consideration.

Thanks all but I’ll be working for Oppurtune Chimp.it was really hard to choose all games here fantastic.

Well Opportune Chimp is not working anymore in his project.So im accepting new offers 🙂

I want to work on a dedicated project.Not on a project that will  not exist anymore in 2 weeks.If anyone wants to hire me please PM me with the project details.

Ps: Im currently working on a jungle tileset for me but if you hire me you can use them.

bump(Sorry for double post)

I’d like to re-interest you in Deadtopia, if you’d like you can read the message I sent last time 😛 Please pick me this time.

Thanks for the offer!Im accepting more offers 🙂

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