Update 10-10-13

Well my birthday was awesome! On top of getting Diablo III I also got GTA V- then shortly after GTA V came out with Online mode 😃 I found it funny how may similarities Diablo 3 had to my game. There was two ideas I found off diablo  thou that I thought about using for my own game.

1. using the underside view of bridges to show off graphics or artistic scenes.

2. Hardcore mode - a character type you can make where once your character dies, it is gone for good.

Now I said I was pausing production until after my birthday; however, I ended up working on my engine quite a bit still. On top of the small but great appreciated protection to sensitive files (thanks to Seth)  two and a half very large maps ( about 60 x 60 ) Two maps are completely done. The Third is a city I been planing on building for things such as a small crafting area and class building support and such.

Edit: just checked my third map - there is a bug with my engine where if I try to re-size a map after I made it. In some cases it corrupts the data. I now I have to delete that map =(

Good news is it was only like half done anyways.

Also I’m not sure I’m getting instance maps added to this. I am still looking into it. After seeing how incredibly close to Diablo III my game is and plays like, I see instance maps as a must.

Third map mentioned above fixed and pretty much finished.I have not tied all the ideas together yet, but I have plans for blacksmithing, cooking, potions, and cloth crafting in the city. It’s planned to have a trainer for each class (6 so far) and also a grand master trainer. All for the purpose of individuation and gameplay depth.

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