Eclipse Rap Battle

Alright, whether your happy to see this or just face palmed Eclipse is hosting a rap battle. If you are a vet or was around a couple months back you remember the epic battles in the shoutbox. The point of these is just to have fun. Who cares how stupid it is it can turn into some truly epic times.

This time we are going to rock it in a topic so the epicness is not lost in the shoutbox. Here is part of the old topic 99% of the raps arent in there only the first bit of the epic few days that followed.,60741.msg641025.html#msg641025


The contest will run for a total of 3 days on August 26th,27th,28th

-=How to play=-

Its simple when the topic is created on the 26th (wednesday) simply go in and post some sick rhymes but dont stop there! bonus points for including other peoples versus in your rhyme. This is a battle insulting is allowed. But remember to have fun. Who cares how silly or bad your rhyme is. Make it fun.


Alright guys, all forum rules are EXEMPT from this contest. As much swearing, vulgarity as you want. Everything is 100% allowed. I cannot stress this enough if you are easily offended then you need to stay out of this topic.

No plagiarizing this must be 100% your rhymes.


Alright. im trying to bring back some epic memories here so I want alot of participants.

First Place: Custom Name Color + 15,000 Credits
Second Place: 10,000 Credits
Third Place: 5,000 Credits



-=Why you should participate=-

Because no matter how stupid it sounds it will be epic times :P.

Can we plan ahead? Does it have to be freestyle or can we write some stuff ahead of time?

You can plan out a introductory verse to name yourself etc. Though after that you will have to use your freestyle skills to respond to others responces/disses. XD

XD allright, i’m in


does our rap have to relate to eclipse?

Definitely not, rap about anything and everything.

SO gonna try and be here for this

Also, anyone remember that “AND IT DON’T STOP” Comic from a while back? The one with the epic robot-combat/rap battle stuff?
That thing was sweet.

I am not going to hesitate, I’ll tell you that I want to participate. It will be a cool battle between me and the cattle. I’m rolling and I’ve got my epic trolling. Yo Marsh, you bring the beer and I’ll be here.


So we are aloud to do freestyle and we can talk about anything 🙂

Great sign me up!

me and my gnomies are ready for battle.

Rap, I will.

ah shit i posted in the wrong thread. anyways im in

I’m dooooown.

Hrm. I don’t think I want to participate in something this lame…. Haha who the fuck am I kidding, Me and Dan started this shit! ;D.

The epidemic that is my indirect yet ingeneric vocabularic rhythm of dynamic citations will cause a neuropsychiatric reaction in ones archaicly corrupted mind.

In fact, I apologize in advance for any disbalance that may chance upon you and any grievances or deviances you may have; forward them to my inbox, and take vigilance whilst reading the jubilance that is my scripture of disobedience.

Count me in. If I remember.

English rap. Heh, English’d.

Anna found the right image for it in the Chat Box Rap Battle thread.

In. ;D

I’m in cuz im just that gangsta

I’m in.

Going to be quite < (no idea how to spell that word) the epic battle.

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