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I am starting to recruit people to my game Pokemon Oblivion

Info/Summary: Pokemon Oblivion or PO for short is a Pokemon game based in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, although, it’s not as same as the original PMD games, because it doesn’t have dungeons, etc. One of the main reasons of it based in PMD is that the character is a pokemon and missions. PO currently is on Early Development and we will soon be for Open Alpha Testing.

Time Era: Present

Gameplay type: Player plays as a pokemon, based in mostly RPG.
**Features(We will be adding more features as we get coders]
-Missions (Take down the Outlaw, save this NPC, etc.)

Screenshots: We don’t have screenshots, but videos 😉

Anything else you need to put out, or extra info:
We are in need of:
Mappers (2 Open)
Source Editors (1 Open)

Current Developing Team:
Chuchoide - Mapper, Developer.
Tybee100 - Mapper, Developer
JSChilli - Developer, Hoster, Source Editor.
Craig - Source Editor, GUI Designer, Developer (Craig’s on holidays)

Forums: http://pokeobliviononline.co.cc/forum/ (Under Construction)/
Website: http://pokeobliviononline.co.cc/ (Under Construction)
Server Status: .

If you would like to apply, please PM me with the following form filled:

Desired Position:
Examples: (If necessary, meaning maps, GUIs, etc.)
Why Should We Pick You?
Time Zone:
Time You Can Dedicate To PO:[/b]

Chuchoide ;D**

i can help with a lil bit of everything but im mostly a class maker,etc,“no monster” and i fiqure out all the odds and ends nobody wants to deal with

Thanks, but we can manage the classes ourselves.

Ah, If you are making a serious project, I see that I can promote the project. I would add more to the OP such as a story (though you have a summary already). I seems like a very interesting project. But unfortunately I am already working on another project. I could maybe get some userbars in my free time if you would like. Good luck getting Team Members!

Thanks a lot Sleepless.
If you could do user bars, it would be awesome, but if you can’t, there’s no problem. wish yu luck in your project ;D

Okay, I’ll just need you to tell me what Pokemon are significant in your game, so that I can put them on the user bar ith some GFX.

Darkrai, Primal Dialga and Cresselia.

Okay, I’ll get to it.

Ok, Thanks!

Updated open positions.

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