**SkywardRiver’s Music Shop **

First off~ Hi, my name is Jadin and I absolutely love music. I play over seventeen separate musical instruments well enough to preform. I am just starting in the music industry however, because I have lacked the funds to purchase live recording technology to put into my music. Having honed some skill at using FL studio and LMMS, I am starting to make tracks to be used by Indie and/or AAA games.

Tracks for sale:

Note These are the tracks I have finished and am willing to sell. Many more are always on the way 😄

_     From the Peak_ ~ $2.99 USD

Track can be listened to HERE

_The Crags of the East _~ $2.99 USD

Track can be listened to HERE

Note When purchasing a track, I offer the file type in .wav .mp3 and .ogg formats.

Requests~ I will do requests I feel have potential. My pricing for such is as follows:

I will charge $3.99 for a 0:30-0:45 track. Any longer than that and we will arrange an appropriate price.

I highly recommend that you use this template for requesting tracks, it makes my job easier, and possibly let’s you explain what exactly you want in the track.


Instruments you want:

Instruments you do not want:



File Format:

Other Info:

I will take pay once the track is finished and you like it. I am a man of my word on this, do not think that I will take your money and not give you the track.

Some Rules:

1. Only one request per person at a time.

2. Please no pestering me about a request, I’m a busy guy.

3. Want something changed in your request? Post the change below.

4. I WILL NOT accept your money if I am unfinished with your request or if you are completely unsatisfied with it. (You ARE free to donate however.)

Request List:

Note I will only take 5 requests at a time. If you request when a spot is unavailable, I may not even see it!


Q: How long have you been making music?

A: About ten years, but I have just recently started with computer programs to do so.

Q: What programs do you use?


Q: Can I give you a permanent position on a team or what-not?

A: Not at the moment. But if I find some commitment somewhere, just maybe!