Hi, I’m looking for a GUI artist with average or above average skills, someone’s who’s pretty good. You should be familiar with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, it would help if you knew a bit about it. You should come with examples of your past work and so on, it’s a PMD project, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a spinoff from the original trainer games. You actually play as the Pokemon. If you’re interested in this job, I expect you to google the topic to find out a bit about it, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon that is.

I’m willing to pay 20$ for a full GUI job, depending on your level of skill and just how good the GUI is, the least I’d pay out is 15$ but the price would be discussed between the two of us first. Obviously I’ll pay via paypal. After we’ve set up a price, I’ve seen and confirmed your work, we’ll dicuss a theme, color scheme and what needs to be done. After I’ve seen the completed GUI you get half of the payment, after I recieve the GUI you’d get the other half or however, we can work all that out!

For more information and detail you can message me here or on skype; zarachi6