Its fun, the classic version is free.

(Haven&Hearth) + (Roblox) - (Lots of features) = Minecraft


(Haven&Hearth) How the fuck did that get there? + (Roblox) Sort of, no yes na. - (Lots of features) = Minecraft

You have never been so wrong in your life.

Minecraft is epic

I’ve recently succumb to minecraft addiction XD

The main problem I see witht eh Classic version is it’s a bit boring after a while, sure building a castle is fun but then what? Sure tunneling into the earth is fun but then what? Might host an Online Server

I could host an eclipse one.

Someone please do.

heh… me and my friend tim have been playing minecraft for a long time. He’s a freakin’ addict and won’t shut up about it. He ended up buying it for me just so he’d have someone else to talk about it with.

I usually host a server called Coffee of Doom. I’ll let it run today while I’m at work.

Oh, and I’m gonna try out the multiplayer survival server tonight.

I can’t get it to run on my home machine 😧
I figure it’s probably because it doesn’t like windows 7 64 bit or something :S

Oh yeah, and I found hippoman on there while surfing around on different servers. For those of you who didn’t like him, be wary.

nice, there is n eclipse server now? XD I’m so in. I think its fun as hell. I am going to build my pad on our server

built my castle wall. flattened the land around it. and making a mine shaft inside >:D

No griefers!
(no idea how that term was started)

Starting an observatory! 10x10xA lot. It can see pretty darn far. I’m going to build it out to be 15x15. It’s going to take a while to build the stairs but…
anyways, picture!:

Is that on the eclipse server/

-edit again- yeah server is down


Is that on the eclipse server/

yes O.e (it is demolish-able if you don’t want it on there…)

But anyways, finished the stairs 😄


-edit again- yeah server is down

wut?! No!!!

Weird, might have crasged

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