Small Update 9-15-13

You can just skip the spoiler if you don’t like reading ( like me.)

! My birthday is coming up soon. I know for a fact my wife bought me at least one game I really want to play ( Diablo 3 for 360). She probably bought me at least another video game I can’t wait to play as well. I know for a fact once I start playing these games, I won’t want to play my other games for a while.
! But we have games we love we have not finished; specifically, Onimusha Dawn of Dream ( has a secret 2 player mode that my brother and I loved, but we never finished the game.) and Borderlands 2. 
! Now there are other games we love to play, but these games have some what of a means to an end that we could finish. 
! I wanted to finish these two games before my birthday (the 26th), because I’d feel bad about moving on from a good game ( “good” being the key word there )  to a new game. We finished Onimusha just last night =). We’ve finished all of Borderlands 2 expect getting at least our two of our favorite characters to max level and the very last DLC released.

So I’ve paused production on Endless Waltz until October.

Don’t forget developers!..… It’s just as important to play video games as it is to build 😃

The first boss fight is done DONE.There was some small bugs with it. Nothing that was life threatening or  that would ruin your whole experience, and it’s still really neat to see. I’m thinking about editing some graphics to add for cut scenes, but resources are pretty much done. Now everything is close to being able to be built while the game is released.

I am still looking for a programmer with a good personality and reasonable prices. Hit me up if your interested.

sounds good ,

Goodluck 🙂

I know I said production was paused until October, but when ever I get programming work done to my engine I can’t help myself. I have to test it.

I have talked to Seth Jones about adding in instanced maps. With Scott’s permission, and Seth saying that it looks possible… It seems we’ll be adding that. Seth has also added some protection to the coding and sensitive files. Special thanks to Thomas for allowing me to use his code from his engine. Another special thanks to Seth for being the person primarily responsible for updating my dinosaur of an engine.

I also went put all the story events together. Tested all of the story events and made sure they ran in order with no issues.

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