100% Blizz-like WoW Private Server.

A 100% Blizz-like server dedicated to keeping the aspects of classic World of Warcraft you all know and love,
but free to play indefinitely with pay for optional features. Fully upgraded to patch 3.3.5.

If you want a fully Blizz-Like experience then this is the server for you.

We strive to make the gameplay as immense as possible and keep you entertained.

**Features: ***Significantly less bugs than other private servers!!
*Donation shop for a little extra help!
*All instances and raids are fully scripted and spawned!
*Gameplay exactly like normal World of Warcraft

Download here:
Link removed.
(If you have already downloaded the most recent WoW from the original site, you do not need to download the client)

Create an account here:
Link removed.

Hope to see you there!****

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