So as anyone following my game would know, I have just been collection resources and such so I can release the first part of my game, where after everything else can easily be made while the game is released.

Seriously have about 99.9 % of the resources finished.

I’d really hate for some person that lacks all of their own originality to come along and just rip off the

Please read on to hear me whine and cry about how much work I put into the resources I did.

[spoiler/]10 Fogs, 84 Animations,1 waterfall,1 lavafall and over 30 paper dolls I  made ALL by my own hand 100%.

After that cutting and modifying  70 firstseed characters for paperdolls ( a total of 125 )

And modifying  about 20 title sets for animated tiles that don’t exist. Ok and like 5 of the above mentioned animations were edits from tiles off of firstseed.

! Yes I could add the ziped file protection source edit and then further hide my files and folders but…
! I’m starting not too worry about it as much… 
! I think I’m just going to release it all as a “Credit me (ETI) for edits and for my animations and paper dolls.” That’s what all my main resources come from; people that did the work, and only asked for credit in return.     
! I don’t have instance maps on my engine =(
! This is a slight let down, because I really wanted to have some boss that everyone can get to, but not have to wait for someone else to finish with or anything like that. 
! So I did something very unique to try and my make own instance boss. You need to be like level 7 or 10 to beat him, only your regular attack works on him, no one can really help you with him.
! The way I made him should be pretty interesting to you considering I don’t know how to program at all.
! I would like to have a programmer, the most important thing is that you simply have fair prices and a good attitude. PM me if your interested.