[EO] help, script quest

I would like to do the quest - Eclipse origns
I need a function … Eclipse orgins

for example:

Eclipse Evolution: “TakeItem”                  —  Eclipse Orgins:  “…”
Eclipse Evolution: “GivePlayerItem”          —  Eclipse Orgins:  “…”

sorry for the poor - “translation”
my English - very weak


ehh 😕

You’re using the scripting Syntax from EE, burn in hell? nao?

No seriously, the correct Syntax is:

GiveInvItem(Index, ItemID, ItemAmount)


ehh 😕

Origins isn’t Stable. You’ll need to learn the proper syntax.

GiveInvItem(Index, ItemID, ItemAmount)

I tried, but when I add - the “index” - the same error 😕


facedesk Try not copy/pasting my code like some sort of idiot and look at which variable your code has to indentify the player… In this case that’s the variable ATTACKER, not INDEX… Did you ever even bother looking at the code rather then blatantly copying/pasting stuff people tell you to? :huh:

ok, very thanks ^^

I still have - 1 problem -

If GetVar("Quest.ini", GetPlayerName(Attacker), "quest1") = "0" Then

EO because - it does not work
what do you do that to save me “flag” to “ini”?

You obviously don’t have enough experience to create your own quest system. I suggest you try making something a lot simpler.

But you can not do the quest system - without the flags …. : / I do not see it myself.

without the flags, the player will be able to take quest 100,000 times

unless some other solution-

I’m saying you obviously don’t have the skill level to edit Origins to make the quest system.

You can’t just post some outdated script into Origins and expect it to work.

I managed to do these flags … and I finished the quest system for your engine: P

enables it to me - to start working on the game … in the EO:)

So you’re just going to copy in a crappy old system with no actual user-end to it? You must feel so awesome. :huh:

I do not understand - what you wrote

(Poor English)

It doesn’t matter. As you’ve finished, I’ll lock this.

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