General help

I can map decently, I’m a beginner programmer (java, turing, ruby), decent gfx artist
hm, previous work, I have 2 games I made with RMXP and RMVX if you’d like to see those.
Don’t have any previous examples of gfx on me, and programming is something I’m learning as I go.


  • Mapping work - 2 previous games to show
  • gfx - nothing on hand
  • programming - just learning programming languages such as java, sadscript (partially counts?), turing and ruby (the last 2 I stopped learning)
  • Music - I can make…okay midi music if someone would require that

Honestly just bored and looking for a task 😛

Game links for mapping
GoE -
GoE2 - (file needed to run game)
GoE2 -

I fully expect the file size to discourage you, saves me time

If you put examples of your mapping I might know your mapping skills.

Yeah some samples would help

main post edited

If your still offering, Sacrifice of War Is currently looking for some GFX pixel artists.

Also, I could put you as our secondary Programer.

Please send me a PM if interested.

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