Diablo III

Tuesday, September 3rd. This is going to be me; Everything will be off, I’ll have pizza, ginger ale, and Diablo III for the ps3. Sing with me my brothers and sisters who dedicate Tuesday to slaying the forces of darkness!!


Also for people who haven’t seen the improved Diablo III for the console watch this and join me;


Tell me how it goes, brother man!

I’ll have pizza, ginger ale

Share please?  😞

It makes me so satisfied your vast understanding and wisdom have a new channel on the world.

XB360 Hardcore mode lvl 25 atm … and not slowing down…


Also Hardcore mode my wife has two lvl 20’s a monk and a demon hunter.

I have more Hardcores as well lvl 19 wizard

14 witch doc.

20 monk.

really having fun with it.

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