Cadalion Online

Enter a fantasy world full of elements ,magic and lore.  Swim, Craft, Climb ,Fly, Solve puzzles with friends and more.

What is Cadalion Online?

Cadalion Online is a 3D fantasy massively multiplayer online role playing game under development by Eruption Entertainment for the PC. Set in a realistic medieval  fantasy world , play with friends to solve puzzles and battle out with engaging and interesting bosses. Compete in competitions against your friends.





Player v Player

Cart racing

Pet pvp

Pet evolution

Player housing

Castle sieges

Cart racing

Cart combat

Sandbox elements

Voice acted

An action based combat system

Interactive environment


Auction house

Weather system that changes the game

Elements system

Evolve on use skills (certain skills like swimming will improve the more you use them)

World map

Human starter island

Concept art


See more imagery at our Facebook fan page

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Listen to some of the games music on SoundCloud

Join us on the official Cadalion Online Discord

About the game -


Programming - C++

3D modeling - Any program as long as long as it can be exported in multiple formats

Engine - Unreal Engine 4


Q - Will Cadalion Online be free to play?

A - Yes Cadalion Online will be free to play with a strictly cosmetic based cash shop

I like an interesting project

We have gained in likes today on our Facebook page. It would be good to have some more! I want to get a good following behind the game before launching crowd funding to pay some staff for faster progress.

Just giving this a little bump we are still working on the game with some recent new team members joining and old ones returning. For all the latest updates visit

If your interested in helping out in any way let me know 🙂

Wow this looks really cool so far. 🙂

Wow this looks really cool so far. 🙂

Thanks Colonello City Of Antekst Royal Palace exterior concept art

@James Very cool game! Great work.

Is this still in development?

@James Very cool game! Great work.

Is this still in development?

I checked and it is, the Facebook page is still being updated with concept art, renders, etc.

I checked and it is, the Facebook page is still being updated with concept art, renders, etc.

@[member=“Colonello”] thank you!


Yep follow the Facebook or Twitter both post the same thing could always use more help let me know if interested 🙂

Games still in development, getting more complete slowly. I created an official Discord for the game for people who don’t use social networks and to start building a community.

@James Can’t believe you’re still going with this project! I remember this from years ago. 😛

@Lenton Of course , can’t waste all the work. Looking in to getting a new pc this month so I can start putting things together in UE4 and will be using an mmo starter kit as a base so I am hoping about getting an alpha build out before the end of the year and then start looking for funding.

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