Well I have learned one big lesson.

No matter what, people will find something to complain about with your project. All you can do is lesson constructively and take the advice you find useful.

I’m quite satisfied with my new logo, so I declare it done. 😃

I’ve updated the main topic with it. Added it to my sig with a matching profile pic.

I’ve also cleaned up the main topic and added an intro.

I have separated credits from just features as not everyone is familiar with…. well just go see for your self.

I updated credits to thank stein and freesounds.org

I added this tutorial for the kill steal prevention.


It doesn’t work perfectly because of JC’s pet system., but I am keeping it in there so that it still might help a little and could get fixed in a near future.

I think I’m just working on animations and paperdolls ( visual equipment) currently. Maybe add like 2 or 3 sounds, then off with a release very soon after. This is all up in the air of course as I am finding myself hating the GUI more and more every time I visit it. I really don’t think it would be hard to change and so I am thinking about…. well… yeah… we’ll see when the time comes. Very small amounts of story need to be added as well but this is literally like a days worth of work compared to these graphics.