Well I know most of you are familiar EO and such ( I know…) I am going to start directing some of my friends,family and locals (who are not farmilar with EO) here. Many of them won’t understand what it means to have “DX8 gameplay graphics” “Alpha Rendering” “An Event System”, or panoramas.  So this is just a very basic list of features for them to understand what they can expect from the game.

Social features such as, but not limited to:


! Trade items with your friends or strangers.

  • Pals/Block List

! This is a friends list and a block user list. Keep track of or talk to whoever you choose.

  • Basic Guilds

! A basic system for you to set up a large group of people you can talk to all at once, to plan attacks on hard bosses, or just for fun.

  • Party Chat

! In the past chat was all done out loud to everyone on the same map.
! Now simply type an @ before what you say and magic!

Advanced combat features such as, but not limited to:

  • Combos.

! This is explained already very well in the video of my “Endless Waltz” Topic.
! But basically mixing up attacking using CTRL and TAB to make a special attack happen.
! nearly hundreds of different weapons will have their own special attacks.

  • Multiple hitting weapons with set random percentages.

! Melee attacks have never been more interesting! If you have a weapon capable of multiple attacks,  these “multi-hits” happen on a random percent set for the particular weapon.

  • Summoning spells.

Are you more of a plan ahead kind of fighter? Well Summoning classes summon pets to attack for you, just for your play style and to match your desired play style.

  • Projectiles.

! Long range attacks for people that choose to be “run and gunners.” Mostly for those who choose to be Rangers

  • Equipment that can lower or increase your attacking speed.

! The engine features something called “delay” which effects your attacking speed.
! Before this was only set on weapons and it was set in stone from then on. 
! Now you might find a helmet that helps you attack faster. Or an amazing shield that sadly lowers your attacks =(

  • Enemy’s have piercing linear spells on top of having AOE, and targeting.

! You may have a class in your party that is taking all the damage for you, but watch out for these attacks if you are in behind your damage absorbing teammate! These special linear spells will cut right through him and hit you too!  
! On top of that enemies choose their spells at random mixing it up on you on the fly. Pay attention to what their about to cast or you could find yourself back at the beginning of a tough fight.

  • Advanced spells in general.

! Healing,damaging, dot, and spells that keep the enemy off your friends and on you instead.

Mapping features such as, but not limited to:

  • A colorfully and animated 2D world

! Well there isn’t animations everywhere you go. There is plenty of them. Some made by my own hand.

  • 3D sound areas

! Get closer or further away from certain in-game sounds and you can hear them louder or not at all.

  • Different environments,Weather, and Fog effects.

! Rain, thunderstorms, snow, sandstorms, fogs/gases (which often render partly transparent.) Forests, Deserts, caves, and unexplainable magical environments.

Misc. features such as, but not limited to:

  • Easy to follow engaging story, applable to everyone playing.

! You are not forced into anymore than the introduction of the story. If you like it great, if not don’t follow it any more; furthermore, if you don’t have a lot of time and don’t get to play everyday, don’t worry! The story has been done in a way that you won’t easily forget what is currently going on around you.

  • Multiple choices and conversations with non-playable characters.

! You can pick what to say to your non-playable characters. In some cases these choices will have a very direct impact on how your game continues.

  • And much more!

! Honestly I can go on all day about the features of this game ( and if you think I should add something you saw in the credits, into the features let me know!) 
! These are the things that I think I am most proud of or think are the most important.

There are some things I’d love to see added, but most likely won’t happen.

  • 8 directional movement and attacking (spells included) instead of 4 directional.

  • pixel based collions instead of tile based.

  • a closer to 3D appearance some what like Final Fantasy Tactics. You know… something where movement is still very 2D based but visuals are view-able even in 3D.

and some other things.