Credits: This is a Hybrid of EO 3.0 and OtherWorld Edit half and half DX8

Everyone involved with ToD /

Robin for the basic version of EO in general.

(mostly JC’s edits directly below here)
JC’s Amazing Pet system (I think JC did this)

Backgrounds/par-something (JC or CW I forgot who did that…. lol… opps?) - Ok I seriously heard people calling this millions of things. I’m going with backgrounds, Use your imagination as to what you think it might look like. You won’t see Backgrounds until much later in the game thou.

Just JC’s Event system ( pretty sure JC did this to)- Seriously no big deal here, scream if you want thou. Half Joking here… Oh and thank you Robin as well.

A solid PVP system (JC CW, Helladen)- Fixed a lot of bugs with pvp.

Random stats on items (JC) - Some items you pick up may have different stats, despite being the same item.

Delay (JC I think…) - Some items/armors can make you attack faster or slower.

Multi-hitting weapons(JC)- Some weapons hit multiple times, in one stroke, on a set random chance.

NPC’s use spells differently (JC) - They don’t just cast at a percent chance now.

Linear spells act differently (JC) - hurting every target in their path. Clearly showing where they hit.

Rare items- Items you can not trade ( JC ) - Only some items nothing that will make you go crazy.

Helladen for the following-
Player is Busy
Destroy items
Loads of edits/fixes
Conversion to DX8 ( missing DX8 UI ATM) and to 3.0 event system (mostly)
Loot system- No longer do you pick up items or drop them.
Other editor things you guys would not see like tile preview.
Guilds, Pals list, and Block Player
Adding random stats for equipment via events.
Added FMOD and the Sound tile needed for it. ( for a good price too I might add)

Request/Bug fixes or misunderstandings solved

  • A much more organized text selection for events.

  • Event Blocking

  • Fixed- Pets can attack party members ( I think fellow guild members too)

-Fixed- I would like to make it were after an event command changes your class, it adjust your stats to what are set for that class in the notepad settings. As of right now everything is set to warrior setting by default. This only needs to be effective for a one time purpose as I do not want to have players picking their class before they even play the game.

  • Fixed-  Rare items (rarity 5 that have an orange name) should not be able to be transferred to another player via PVP, but they do. To help explain this if you kill a player that is using a rarity 5 type equipment, I do not want that kind of equipment being transferred to the killer.

  • Fixed-When pets kill someone in PVP they don’t get the items from the player they kill to their respective owners, pretty sure they are supposed to.

  • Fixed- When pets kill the NPC for a “kill npc” type quest they are unable to complete the quest. The killing blow has to be from player using a pet, not the pet.

  • Fixed- Only the first person who tries to use party chat will be able to use it. It also strangely shows the “Party:” part of the message twice. If the second person tries to use party chat nothing will be displayed. (tested in a party of two). Basically I was only able to get one person able to use party chat.

  • Fixed- Projectiles are not “rendering?” correctly. They will not appear weather or not I use BMP or PNG.

  • Fixed- Pets can attack players in safe zones.

– Fixed- Lets remove being able to walk through players in a PVP zone (non-safe zone)

  • Fixed - I have armor and shield and helmet equipment which is supposed to have “delay” which is supposed to either lower or increase the speed of attacks. It doesn’t work for whatever reason. Right now there is a shield to demonstrate this. IIRC more delay was supposed to make attacking take longer by the percent set, and negative delay was suppose make attacking happen faster.
  • I would like to add the ability to put faces in the event command “show text”

-Other stabilizations or bug fixes.

If I forgot something you want me to mention PM me.

CW (Captain Wabbit)for the following

Combo system -There is a weak (CTRL) and strong (TAB) attack, ending a combo with TAB makes a special attack happen.

Auto Targeting on melee attacks (CW) - Really ? Do you need me to explain.

Multiple drops and rates (Ballie? JC and CW for fixes) - Foes may drop multiple items.

6 classes- pretty different from each other (lel omg - wow… the most amazing programer).

Oh and all this stuff too… Via- Other World Edit Thanks to Domino_ for letting me mess with it.

Domino_'s New registration look ( possibly N/A) ,3 frame movement, Custom class

Warrior,Wizard,Summoner stat ability’s, Player can go though each other ( fixes by JC and CW.)

RyokuHasu’s , Party Levels and Exp Boosts, REAL defense, Advanced Doors, Keys, and Switches

kibbelz’s ( say it out load o.O) - Arena system ( haven’t really used it thou.)

\Alatar’s - Quest System (not used much thou, more about that later) (fixes by JC) and Checkpoint Attribute

Zafi’s - Show Character level.

Broojo’s- NPC Speech Box with NPC Face.

ShawnyBoy’s - Changeable Experience Rate.

WhyHelloThere’s - Admin Speed (fixed by lel).

Captain Wabbit’s- Ranged Projectiles

Octohunter’s - Linear Spells

Scott -  for making an advanced class changing system for me and other things he has tried to do.

Thomas - encryption coding  - modified by Seth.

Zeno - for help with bug fixes and lessons/explnations.

Stein - for help with points resets.

Any graphics or sounds or such not done by lel -ETI

Credit goes to the following
Sounds and music 
And special thanks to Aaron Krogh!


John Colburn,
Available on"

Breeze Revolution – for random paper dolls, and such.
Green Raven for the template itself.
First Seed Material - tile sets and sprites

Please feel free to contact me via PM should you feel you should have received credit where credit is due.