32x32 Custom Sprites (16bit/Retro)

Alright, so I went ahead and locked up my old topic since I’m moving on to 32x32 sprites for my project. Here’s what I’ve gotten so far. Feedback would be great!

Base Sprite:

Quick Paperdoll Mockup (nothing official):

Good work, the arms look a little restricted though. Like they are tied to his body.

make his head smaller and his legs bigger

Thanks guys, this any better Ninja?

yeah looks way better

looks good!

Thats a 16x16 sprite.


Thats a 16x16 sprite.


The title says its a 32x32, its not.

Its a resized 16x16 sprite, just sayin…

Might as well be a 32x32 sprite with a bigger brush ;D
Actualy depends on how it gets used in the game. As for “pixel size”, you are right.

Haha yea you’re right Zoso, my bad. These were 16x16.

As far as i can tell, the title had “(16bit/retro)” since the beginning so i don’t see why that is a problem.

As for the sprite itself, kinda reminds me of a fat kid(no offense), and the paperdoll mock-up only reaffirms that thought. 😛
The head still seems to big to me, it seems like your trying to get in too much detail with the little space that you have, i would either reduce the white eyes so they don’t seem so Anime-ish, or get rid of the white all together.
Personally, i think the problem lays mostly in the head, you want people to be able to see their face so it needs to be big enough for them, but that ends up making a 32x64 head on a 32x32 body.  Hopefully this helps.

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