Mapper looking for team. (again)

Hey there, I’m Tirex and I like mapping.
I’ve wanted to join a team and help develop a game through mapping.
I don’t have much experience, maybe a month or two but I’m willing to learn.
Here’s a small example of my work I’ve done for this resume:

Link to a rather big forest made by me:
Twenty five maps, all connected to each other. Middle right part was supposed to link to the town while the left part was supposed to be the entrance to the mountains. Middle map for fishning + entrance to another twenty five underground mine maps.

If this dosen’t do it justice then I can make another example by your request.
Contact me on MSN if you’d like to talk/know more.

Edit: (Little news update + more work to show off)
So, it looks like my current project died, because I haven’t heard any news from it in about a month and the website went down.
I guess that means that I’m looking for a new project that would accept a newb like me on board.
Oh yeah, I’ve also provided a link to some work I’ve done for the dead project. Twenty five maps, all connected to each other plus a pathway to an underground cave system, also consisting of twenty five maps. Sadly I coulden’t finish the caves since the server went down and I coulden’t take screenshots of it.
Paid position would be nice, but if the project is interesting/ambitious enough, then I’d probably set for free.

Edit2: Found a job, thank you for posting/taking interest.

Your maps are awesome!

Do you want to join the World Live team?
Join me at

I love The MAP! Email me At

or PM me on here if you would like to join Eldest

WHOA-that map is insane! It’s great, especially for a person who’s only mapped for 2 months. Are you good at making maps of forests? If you are, you could probably help. PM me if you will.

Dude you rock! Send me a email @ or PM me.

Disregard this post.

Sorry for the necropost + doublepost + bump.
Please read the first post’s edit. I’m looking for a project/team again. Also more goodies to show.

Um Storm of Conquest needs more mappers most of the mappers I got havent been doing anything. Just Pm me if you need more info about the game. Or look it up in WIP dedicated game section. Its 100% custom graphics and I have the tiles set up so its quite easy to map with.

Just saying, your maps are great for begginner.  learn just a little bit more about how the world looks(not saying u don’t know, just generally newbs don’t) and you could be a fabulous mapper!

Not sure if you’ve ended up selecting a game to start mapping in, but Ruin has a few mapping positions open still if you are interested.  Below is a link to our WIP thread for lots of information about our project!,64029.0.html

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