Game Design Tutorials #1 So You Wanna Make Games

In this series of tutorials/informative posts I hope to bring new light to unused methods, new direction to stale ideas and guidance for new and experienced users to better eachother and themselves. In this first tutorial I will be sharing some of the methods that helps me build a solid game from the first idea to a visible image. Each tutorial will differentiate between subjects some specific some broad, i am no expert or genius but here we go:

In this tutorial im just putting my 2 cents in on what to consider before plowing ahead! Before we begin using eclipse these are some rules that I like to abide by:


The singlemost important and most forgotten rule. I can guarantee this rule not being abided by has been the cause for most of the games on here crashing and burning. People get so serious think theyre making the next Pokemon/WoW/Maple Story they forget the reason they were here in the first place: fun. Fun is your motivation. Keeping your project semi-serious is a huge must because you HAVE TO always leave room for fun, if you had no fun making the game why the hell would people have fun playing it?!


The secondmost important rule. Everyone has an opinion and as a developer you should always listen to them but that doesnt mean you always have to agree! People will constantly critique (definitely), give their opinions (almost certainly) and praise (hopefully!) your work. Relax! This is what happens when you put your work up on the internet people will feel compelled to comment just as much as you feel compelled to show off your artwork! But dont ever follow someone word for word, take everything everyone says with a pinch of salt (reality) to bring your head back down to earth. At the end of the day its your world and ive seen it all take form from Krusade Online to Silverdale Online to DrNovas Scifi game to Retarded Online as members of the community here and practisers of the game design trade we each have a right to claim our piece of the pie!


Often I would see people that are all excited about their new project put something like “in the next 4 days keep posted for an alpha test” or “by next week ill have 200 maps” Guaranteed 9/10 of these people havent even got a clue what content is going to be in there and then they lose motivation because in their eyes they haven’t made progress. Little by little, piece by piece your game will come together (if you keep working on it!) so set yourself daily tasks. A sprite a day is 7 in a week! Things add up so find your comfortable pace and stick with it!


If you are constantly producing music, drawing maps or making the best sprites ever no one will know unless you show them! Change and improvement provoke interest most often, this forum is not here for you to chit chat this forum is a free platform for you to shamelessly promote, show off and advertise your project so use it! SHOWING OFF GOOD WORK IS ALWAYS ACCEPTABLE - if you keep updating your project visibly then people will see that you are continuously working and before you know it you’ll have people following your games!


A very underlooked statement, in these underpopulated forum times we have an opportunity to build up an active community properly again, apart from commenting your 2 cents in the chit chat or requesting some programming help go look at the ‘Show Off’ or ‘Eclipse Projects’ sections, here we have loads of members posting stuff that needs praise and your 2 cents. Everyone’s opinions are different and thats what makes each member very important, here we have some of the most exciting threads so go ahead and let them know; what your think, what could be improved and what maybe you would’ve done different.

Now you’ve done a good bit of reading lets finish off with a good video from end credits:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial/informative post!