Info/Summary: Ok I just started today, The game is completely bare. I am strictly a mapper, spell designer, class editor, npc editor, shop editor, basically all the basics. What I want is for this to be a huge mmo like RuneScape, WoW, Luna, and all other mmorpgs. I have already pitched my idea to the SBA and they gave me 6 months to have the BETA finished. If I do then they will give me anywhere from $200,000-$300,000 to start my own gaming company.

Time Era: Middle Ages

Gameplay type: Fantasy

Features: Hopefully Land of Mana will be very unique (with some help).

Screenshots: Will come with development

What I need: Scripters, GUI developers, Anybody who can help me make the .exe to run the client as well as the server (I dont have VB), mappers, sprite developers, website designers (for forums and such)

I will give anybody who helps with this project complete credit, and if the SBA likes the game, then I will also be requesting either your paypal info, or address info so that you can be paid (*NOTE- this is only if SBA approves the game and gives me the money)