I’m looking for a programmer for the game I’m currently working on. The project is only a few days old, but we’ve already got a perfectly working paperdoll system in place, 4 well-defined classes (by well-defined I mean their role and name is decided, and I’m writing up their spells and what have you) and a partially complete custom GUI. The team currently consists of:

  • Me, lead designer. I develop the storyline and design the world map, most quests, classes and spells, etc.
  • Wheeze, lead artist. Wheeze is a great pixel artist, I’ll include a quick screenshot of our game to show the UI he’s working on as well as some paperdolled armor he drew from scratch.
  • A friend who will be composing high quality music for our game.
    Wheeze and I have been working on various projects together for a few years now so we communicate well and usually produce a good final product. We are the co-owners of this game.

We are really in need of someone who is familiar with the Eclipse engine, so that we can deeply modify the game and take it to a new level. The prime motive behind the game, both making it and playing it, is to have fun and enjoy our selves, so don’t feel like you need to be working on the game at all times. However, we do ask that you have some dedication the project, so that we can move along at a decent pace! We are currently using Elysium Source, however if you recommend that we move to a different version of the engine, we will do our best to work it out while we are still in early development.

Contacting me:

I hope to hear from you soon!

(Here is the screenshot I mentioned earlier:)