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The Story…

Emlyn, a vast and newly discovered world. It holds opportunity for Pilgrims everywhere, to migrate and start a new world. To raise adventurers of all sorts, and develop the future. In Emlyn there are ancient sites, jungles, mountains, deserts, and settings of all terrains to overcome and explore. Claim your own land and build a family, or take on devastating foes for miraculous and honorable glory. The possibilities are endless.

After the God’s of old country banished the inhabitants of Lynea, they had to travel or a great sea for many months until they uncovered a new land, a new world, Emlyn. After several days, cabin fever, and conflict arose between the inhabitants, thus, they separated. The size of Emlyn was unknown, as it is today, but 5 groups had separated and began their own cultures around the new world. Many years later, the spokesman of each culture had come together in Illinia, Emlyn Continent’s Capital City. They agreed and developed a government and treaty for their people, and society came into play. Emlyn has been inhabited by Humans for only 4 decades. What will you discover?

Your Journey Begins…

In Emlyn, when first joining the new world on the creation of a new character, you are summoned to the old country heavens. There the angelic beings help you start out on your journey. At the end of your greetings, you’ll will be invited to learn the history of Emlyn and each of it’s cultures. Then you pick a culture state to begin your new life in.

What will you Become?

In Emlyn there is an “Open-Class” system for each character. You are only limited by your culture. You can developed your skills and collect items to become anything you desire. You can train yourself to special in any type of combat or trade.

Tribal Commune

In Emlyn there are no “Guilds” but you can create, run, and manage smaller tribes that relate to any one culture. Tribes can be run by multiple leaders and created by purchasing a tribal license from the Hiko Stationary in any major city-state.

Proficient Trades

You can become potent with a variety of item types. The more you use a certain type of item, the more potent, or proficient with it you’ll become. Train yourself to be deadly with knives or strong with large axes and manifest.

Manifest Weaponry

Any type of item that can be found wildly, such as a tree, can be used as a weapon. If you are strong enough and proficient enough with an axe, you can chop down a large sort of tree and use it when you have no other weapon in hand.

GUI Examples

Character Preview

Races of Emlyn

The Avian are almost native to Emlyn for they had immigrated from a jungle coastline of the old country much like their northern Habitat in Emlyn. This culture specializes in trades of production. It’s their way of life. Lumber Jacking, Fishing and Gathering, all the way to Delivery services. Their ability to fly gives them an upper hand on these pesky tasks.

The Pilgrims of Emlyn are much like the Avian, they do not have the ability to fly, however their skill revolves around trades of production and service. The Pilgrims immigrated from Central Areas of the Old Country. The Pilgrims are offered a variety of trades through their schooling system which is spreading widely across Emlyn. The native Pilgrim trade was white magic and medical service.

The Grain are a very elemental folk who are native from savage areas of the Old Country. Their environmental study and focus give them the opportunity to achieve many things and do very large and laborious tasks with the work of their elemental magic. This is an ability that has been moving through Emlyn in this Renaissance like time of Revolution.,57305.0.html