Industrial Tileset!

I need a futuristic, post-apocalyptic, industrial tileset for my game.

  • Metal Floors
  • Rusty
  • Dead Bodies
  • Damaged Pavement
  • Destroyed Buildings
  • Industrial Equipment (Wrecked Machinery, Leaked Oil Tanks, Ect.)
  • Wasteland (Dirt Floors, Burned Trees, Ect.)
  • Battlefield (Blast Craters, Wrecked Military Vehicles, Ect.)

When I say futuristic, I don’t mean lasers and aliens and stuff, I just mean more modern than modern if you get what I mean. Robot SUITS and stuff (No actual robots though!)

The creator of the tileset WILL get credit in my game (Empathy - Rise Of The Rebellion).

Thanks in advance!

Check the tilesets here, I’m sure some of them are what you’ve asked for.

There is a really good one in Resources, have you looked there?

Warning - while you were typing some fat guy ate a chinese kid. You may wish to call the police.

Edit: Found it!

Thanks! Still missing a few things though (I will edit my original post to request those things)

Anyone who is wondering what tilesets I used :

  • mall
  • modport
  • urbanremix
  • factry
  • rooftops
  • backalley
  • tombrfactory
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