A Worse Video Game Than ET?!


I was just about to buy the game. Thank god I read the reviews.

! When discussing the topic, don’t say “But ET has worse graphics!”, because there was no way that the old video game consoles could have reached the graphic levels of todays game. All comparisons should be done in relativity to the video game’s era.

Yea that game looks pretty damn terrible.

Agreed, it looks like crap.


I think a lot of Wii games are like this now. It’s a shame that they could let that controller go to waste…

The controller is a gimic. Companies need to force themselves to use the damn thing as it’s the main selling point of the Wii.

It’s useless for most gameplay elements unless you’re playing anything which doesn’t have a first-person-view of you wielding something vertically.

So the game is really bad… let’s talk about how cheesy the review is…


So the game is really bad… let’s talk about how cheesy the review is…

LOL, I just read the Gamestop review and the video copied most lines from it.

Worse than ET? Is that even a sentence? Excuse me I must go consult the thesaurus.

Wii games are just not cool
some are good like mario galaxy, call of duty is cool, red steel 2 is comin out. looks cool.

but idk i think Wii was an attempt to see how ppl would take it
if i remember right they are scrapping the Wii
and starting over

Wii doesnt even have HD >.>
it uses oprah for internet (sucks)

but yeah (back on topic)
that game looks horrible

There are WORSE games on the wii than this one.

pretty much any game by conspiracy, or destineer is ultimate failure.

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