Azuletrix Edge Recruiting

Hello. My name is Lyneku (Real name is Naiku, Neku is a coverup.) and I am making a game called Azuletrix Edge.
I need a:
Spriter- 4
Mapper- At least 5
Scripter- 3
Developer- 3
Paperdoller- 3
Item Maker- 5
Weapon Maker- 5
Class Maker- 5
Music Maker- 5
Armor Maker- 5
Troubleshooter- 5

Info/Summary- In this world, there are two types of people, People who change history, and the ones who sit back and wait for the people that change history for them. Working
Time Era: My games time era is futuristic.

Gameplay type: The gameplay of my game is fantasy.

Features: I have unique gameplay, My game uses nostalgia, and you get to customize your own armour and weapons, with 2d characters, I have 125 jobs (all custom made), players can make custom maps, and custom sprites, great music, and cool attacks.


Send me a email,pm, or post it here.

Hi Lyneku,
Please read the entire topic:,2227.0.html

After that, I ask that you edit your first post with the updated, and correct information.

Thanks 🙂

Also, just to point you in the right direction, you will NEVER need that many people. You’ve set up for almost 100 positions on your team. Most games won’t have over 5 people. You don’t want that many artists/musicians anyway. You’d have a mixture of styles and it’d all just be a mismatched blur of different techniques. You generally want to first a single person to do this work, maybe 2 if their styles can match up.

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