Is there any way to make a map endless?

So what I am thinking of is making a game, with only 1 giant map, like Tibia for example, have one giant scrolling map where you can travel by boat etc. So is there any way to extend a map so much that it seems like it never ends? Or just be able to extend it over time when the map gets bigger and bigger?
And I’m not sure what they did, but they don’t seem to have any loading time when logging in, even though the map is so big, why is that?
Thanks in forehand if you got some answers. 😛

That’s because they only render what you see. If Eclipse did the same we could have a nearly seamless world.

What you need to do is modify the source code so you can make it that Eclipse only renders what the player sees instead of the whole map.

tl;dr: No. Source edit.

Though you can go in the Map Properties, and put values in the North, South, East, and West, to make it seem “endless” in the sense that you can walk off the side of one map, and appear on the other side of the new one.
Like, if you’re on map 1, and you put “2” in the “North” for properties, when you walk off the top of map1, you’ll appear at the bottom of map2.

Not exactly what you’re asking for, but atleast it’s something, as it seems like it’s one big map, excluding the boundaries.

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