Eclipse stable Help with making spells with animation

Hi all im haveing truble make the spells animation to work I did everything right but when I go to cast the spell nothing happens, please help me thanks :cheesy:
this is what i tryed

  1. Mad the spell
  2. Create a usable item of type spell. It will teach the player who uses it how to perform that spell.
  3. Either sell the item or make it dropped so players can learn it.

Did you double-click to “memorize” the spell, before casting it?
Ergo, use the item to “learn” the spell, then you’ll see the spell you’ve learned in that spell list.
After that, you double click the spell, to “memorize” it; you will see text saying “You have memorized this spell”.
Once that’s done, select (aka “target”) an NPC or other player, then either click “Cast Spell”, or hit the “Insert” key on your keyboard.
PS: If the spell kills an NPC/player in one hit, the animation won’t show; be sure to test it on an enemy that isn’t killed in one hit by your spell.

thanks so much for your help i got it working thanks all :cheesy:

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