Icon's skills from EO to ES


How can i add the skills icon’s from EO to ES?

Rip the feature.

Where exactly i can found it? XD

In the source code.

But where in source code? In what module?

I found in game editor’s Spell Editor is it good?

' // Spell Editor //
' //////////////////
Public Sub SpellEditorInit()
    Dim i As Long

    If frmEditor_Spell.Visible = False Then Exit Sub
    EditorIndex = frmEditor_Spell.lstIndex.ListIndex + 1

    With frmEditor_Spell[...]

The feature is built deep into the source code. You’d need to rip out the various parts which you obviously don’t have the skill to do.

Any tutorials to learn that? XD

I will search, thx for answers. 🙂

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