Jade cacoon Devine beasts

This’ll be my 2nd time asking a Question but,
is it possible to Design a Devine beast’s growth System like in the jade Cacoon Ps2 Series,
Like how the beast’s can be Merged by elemental types and gain special growth abilities, evolution faster dependant on how strong the beast merged with them was or if it gives them a Main stat they excel in?

Also the hunter’s License idea by reputation could be like the the replacement for player experience points, and the beast’s gain points from being

Are these ideas able to be scripted into the Eclipse Engine?

Never played the game you’re referring to, but assuming it’s just a matter of using the right math, it seems like it’d be possible.

Okay, good to know thanks,
i remember the limit was level 1-20 (20-25 after 2nd Merge and up) like a unlockable stage of leveling where stats increase 2X the normal power
And every merge the beast gets 20 pct the stats it had+ the stat it started with so basical it reset’s to have 100%+20%(before Merge)
112 Spd(wind type) -> merge 15+24 (39 base for new start)

I guess that’s pretty much it =p, Thanks for responding to my post, didn’t really think any1 would bother.
I so would love to see a MMORPG of jade Cacoon

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