Poor Jupiter =<

It seems Jupiter lost it’s belt:

I blame the Jenny Craig diet :sad:

I can never find my belt, and no one writes an article about me. =(

That’s kind of interesting, though. It looks so weird without that second stripe.

Wow Jupiter does look odd with that belt gone. It also looks like that huge storm near the belt isn’t quite as distinct of a color as it used to be years ago.

Yeah, I noticed that about the storm as well.

Of course we can’t exactly assume planets are always static, their weather systems are dynamic, and there’s a possibility that even the Great Red Spot will fade away eventually.

My belt is in the back pocket in my bag. The teachers want me to wear it.

So, sad, so, poor, so ugly, so disscusting.
It need belt. nao

Me or Jupiter?

Mcnugget, no one cares about you, silly! 😄
It’s obiously Jupiter I’m talking about.

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