Update 8-12-13

New and Old


Truth be told…. If I had known I’d spent over 300$  on my engine… I would had just taking programming classes…300$ is what I have easily spent on my engine… and If I looked at my bank history… I’d probably had found that I spent closer to 500$… The hours I have poured into learning how to use this program… My wife could tell you about it… My loving wife has spent countless hours supporting my love for building a game. For some reason… I love doing this so much that… I’m actually willing to spend more money and time. I’ve even bought other engines just in case I feel its for the best.

I am talking to a programmer about the modification of a new engine. I really was going to wait until someone makes a engine that works on android, at least being able to run a game, not build on android that would be awful… ( its so much closer than a lot of you think.)  It was kind of driving me mad… I had to keep asking myself… " How do I get them to the point where they can’t wait to get out of school or work to come home to their PC and play my game?! Especially if they have the option to play a better game on the android?!"

I’m reminded of how badly I want to come back and play an old game like Final Fantasy XI and Phantasy Star On line Eps. 1&2 ( where I get a lot of my ideas from.) These two games are awful… but I still want to go back and play them… I’ve only really mentioned those games so I can give them credit for the ideas that have inspired my engine and game.

So what have I been doing?

  • I added new NPC’s only a few, but the demo only had 3 NPCs for you to fight.

  • I have fixed all the beginning events that really needed to be adjusted with the newest engine additions and fixes.

  • Two new items.

  • After the logo contest it became clear to me that I am indeed capable of making a much better logo. I will do that soon. Special thanks to Wing for showing me a real challenge, and to KJCGraphics for showing me one with a neat slogan.


Well what about the old engine and the current project? Still going, until I have fully tested the new engine for any MAJOR BUGS, the current engine is still boss. The new engine will result in a very similar style game if not even the exact same game continued. I really feel like we are months away from finding out anyways.

Last you should have heard was that I was adding resources, so that afterward I can put the game online and build while its on line.

Everytime I thought I was done, I found other graphics that needed to be added or modified.

  • Music is surely done

  • I’ve added new sounds which my demo lacked horribly… sounds are close to being done.

-"Panoramas AKA background pictures are done, but could use some modification. but all original and made by me 100%

  • Animation are also nearly done all made 100% by me. Expect for like one.

Fogs are all 100% made by me and are done ( hopefully nothing cools comes to mind because they are a pain to make.)

- faces are done.

  • Paper dolls ( visual graphics for equipment) are like 20% done. but I want to make a lot of these.

-  icons are done. Period…

-pretty sure I’m done with tilesets.

  • I’m not even mentioning projectiles ( or did I just mention them now?..) their 32x32 with no animation quality…

The future…

Well I’m learning how to use my photoshop program a lot better…

Its not impossible that I could come up with my own graphics all together…

If I did this thou I would have to talk to a programmer about a way of protecting my graphics. It takes days and weeks and months to make these things 100% fresh…

I actually already have a little experience in music… and I know some musicians, that goes without saying some purely original music could easily be added.

Honestly every step I take is just another stepping stone to make me better and better.

Before you know it, we’ll have a truly great game everyone can be proud to be a part of.

Thank you for your interests in Endless Waltz

P.S and reading this huge update =p

I mentioned in an earlier update I added the ability to change your skin type (color if you will) but not your ability to change hair or eye color. I decided to add the ability to change your hair color as well or just keep it wrapped under a white cloth( for those that might not like any of the hair colors.) The hair style is the same for everyone. The different colors are blue,green,black/grey, blond, red/orange and brown. The different hair colors will still work well with all the paper dolls I intend to use.

Its set up so that if you want to individualize your character as a male or female then you will do so by the type of equipment you wear. Even early in the game I will be giving plenty of options to make sure you can have your character look as a male or female (despite every type sharing the same sprite set and hair style)

I will have pictures later to show people interested in knowing what I mean.

Here is a preview of all the hair and skin combinations you can choose between.

There is another hair choice for all skin types that allows you to keep your hair hidden under white cloth wrapping ( kind of like a bandanna.

Dresses,hair ribbions, bows, and other more female type appearance items will be available to those who desire that look.

Here here is a little preview of that.

Should players still not like the options available to them in the way they look, There will be plenty of of visual armor/equipment where you could even completely hide your characters appearance if you really cared that much.

Should one still…. not approve of their visual appearance… I would direct them to this game or for them to search for one like it. 

I modified first seeds water animated tile set to be make my very own waterfall.

I’m really surprised how nice it came out. It could be better. I could work on it longer, but I’d rather spend the time adding the effect to other tile types like caves, and make it turn into lava and such.

Anyone familiar with the same tile sets I’m using knows that it lacked the top and bottom of the waterfall……

Here is a preview of that.

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