Help: Server to Client Infomation

Hello, im having a lot of trouble finding some code that will send .ini infomation from the Server to the Clients GUI,

there the skills I have in the game via .ini files, I just need some help with a code that will retive the exp value from the server and show it on the clients screen.

hope some one can help me 🙂 thanks

Edit: Also im using ES 2.8

If you’re using Mirage Realms you should ask for help over there.

Im using Eclipse Stable 2.8, i just crafted my Gui from Mirage 🙂

Hmm still need help with this,

i tried

lblmining.Caption = App.Path & GetVar("\Scripts\" & GetPlayerLogin(MyIndex) & ".ini", GetPlayerLogin(MyIndex), "Exp")

but no luck =/

I’ll point out that the Mirage Realms GUI isn’t for free use. Please take to the time to craft your own GUI.

As for your problem, you’ll need to send a packet from the server to the client containing the data to put on the GUI.

ok thanks any tutorials out there that would point me in the right direction.
And i made this GUI myself, i just looked how mirages gui was set out and based mine from it

No, you stole the custom-made graphics Liam used in his GUI.

No, you stole the custom-made graphics Liam used in his GUI.

Yeah…. like i said i made my gui “Based” from mirage, it is not mirages, and i made it myself… and the ONLY thing used from Mirage is the LOL speech bubble

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