[Lulzy] My New Barracks Room (Germany)

So, I took some quick photos of my new room in Germany.  Make sure to tell me what you think.  I’m still moving in, hence the pan-bowl and pizza box.

Edit: 32 Inch LCD, by the way.

hrm… I’m thinking I’m going to eat some Honey bunches of oats.

inorite?  I got four boxes for six dollars.  I love the commissary.

What regiment are you in?


7th Signal Brigade, Headquarters Headquarters Company, S3.  Unit is stationed in Mannheim Germany, but over half of the unit is still at Bagram Afghanistan.  I was one of the first people to leave.

arnt you military types supposed to be tidy?

But he’s a military nerd.

And I’m an unbearable prima donna, so they don’t mess with me about it anyway.  That and I’m still technically moving in until the 19th, and my supervisor doesn’t get back until like July, so I’m straight.

Also, I have been tidying up a bit.  The TV box hasn’t moved tho…

Yeah that place looks worse than my room. Which is saying something, man.

  • Adulese

Looks worse than my room, and my room has had tornadoes going through it.  (Not literally)

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