Class Sprites

Is there a way to make my different classes have different sprites to choose from? Also, I want each gender within the class to be able to have their own sprite. I’m just wondering if someone can inform me on how do to this because I cannot find a Tut.

In the Server\Classes folder, you’ll find your classes .ini files. They look like so:

Name=Test Class
Desc=This is a test class.

MaleSprite and FemaleSprite are the numbers you’ll want to edit.

If you’re using “custom” sprites, with the head, body, and legs, I believe you’d have to do some source editing to restrict sprite sets.

I’m using the default sprites, but I just wonder how do I know what the sprites are numbered.

0 is the first sprite, 1 is the next, 2 is after that, etc. Some people expand the sheet slightly to the right, and number it.

So in which sprite sheet would i look at?
Also, each row down is the next number or each column over? Because I thought that each column shows the different angles of the sprite, therefore making the next row down the next number.


Row 1 = 0
Row 2 = 1
Row 3 = 2
and so on……

Is this correct?

You’re correct with row 1 being 0, row 2 being 1, etc.

You’ll be looking in the Sprites.bmp, also.

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