Hey there. Considering Im new here Ive decided to start a thread showing what I can do.

so heres some sigs avatars and gifs Ive done to give you an Idea of what I can do for you as game makers and what I can provide design wise for you

- early character sketch

- pokemon signature

- Another signature

- Ichigo Gif.

THEN theres my Deviant art… with some sketches 3D work and other stuff.

Just PM me or Email if you would like y assisstance in any design work you may need  :azn:

I’ve looked though your art. on diviant art, and saw some acusations of Art theft. So… I also felt it my own need to look into it as well. and I’m greatly upset, but you are a thief, when I first saw the ichigo sprite. I had a feeling.

His animation connects Hard Air Strike + light Air Strike + Getsuga Tenshou.

I’m locking, and notifying of this topic so an Admin or GM can take the proper action and not have any drama start.

I will leave this one to spike as apparently they live together or something.

looks like theres some splainin to do…

That pokemon sig was also used here.

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