New Wireless Card Slower Than My USB Adaptor?

I just fitted a new Wireless Card ( ) anjd I’m getting speeds of about 2MB compared to the 5-10MB I was getting with my USB adaptor. I’ve tried various channels and I’ve moved my computer around a bit (before the antenna were facing a wall, now they’re facing a door).

So, anybody know why my internet speeds has slowed to a crawl?

When you say speed, are you talking about raw download speed, like, you’re actually downloading a WoW update at that speed, or are you talking about aggregate throughput?

Also, what OS?

Aaaaaaaaand what 802.11 standard is your router putting off?

Raw download speed, Windows 7 and it’s 802.11n. I just reinstalled the drivers and speeds are a little better (up about .5 of a MB) but still quite bad. I might try a different PCI slot.

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