Civil War Idea, Input?

I was thinking of creating a game based in the Civil War. You could join either the Confederate or Union armies and relive some of the famous battles in massive NPC fights. Ability to mount horses and conduct charges, command troops and such. Does this idea appeal to anyone?

It would make a good game, if one could create it right of course. It wouldn’t make a very good eclipse game, it would probably have to be a 3D shooter to be great. Go for it though, I’d try it for sure either way.

I always thought it would be interesting to see a good Civil War game, but so far they don’t have many, only one that I know of, but it kinda fell off the face of the Earth, so I’m guessing its not so great.

Awesome Civil War game

I think as a multiplayer or mass-multiplayer game, you’d be best off making it a tactical RTS style game, like “Call Of Combat” – but during the ACW instead of WW2. So like players command their own company of infantry, or sharpshooters, or an artillery battery, and have a limited third-person view of what you can control. Then perhaps ranks so if a Colonel player is on a team, they can set waypoints or basic orders to a Captain ranked player on his team, etc.

But for a system where the player controls a single character, I don’t see very much potential, unless you develop very good AI and basically do the same thing as above (players command units), and have it in first-person or local-character third person.

I think it should be like goblin commander. That tactical gameplay would fit well with this.

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Omg what’s the mobile version of eclipse?

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