Hosting a server on a different computer?

Okay so i have my Client and Server on my laptop but i don’t want to leave my laptop on 24/7 but i have to to have my server running, I have a computer down stairs that’s on 24/7, i’m running my server with Hamachi and would like to host the server on my other computer, i have a flash drive and so would i just take the Hamachi files and my CLIENT and SERVER folders and put them on the flash drive and then put them on my other computer and then just boot everything up? But then heres the problem id have the server running on TWO computers and EXACTLY the same time unless i shutdown the server on my laptop and then boot it on my main computer….how might this work???

Just take your entire Server Folder, put it on the flash drive, and move it to the computer downstairs that can remain on 24/7.
Ideally, you’d want to install the Library Files on that computer as well.

You’d have to install Hamachi on that computer, and run the server via hamachi.

You do not have the server running on the laptop; just have it on one computer; every client (on various computers) connect to one server (on one computer), so you’ll only need one server, somewhere (if that makes sense).

Also, it’d be better to look into how to port forward, as port forwarding for Eclipse is much better than Hamachi, especially since you’d only be able to have a limited about of people playing your game at the same time, if using hamachi.

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