Hello I am MMORPG DUDE obviously and I am looking for ANYONE willing to help me make my game no matter what they do [hey the more the merrier]. Still Apply even if your job isn’t listed below.

Storyline :You are a young man who is abandoned(you think) by your brother on an Island which is a Holy worship center for the God Tarion(but nobody knows it is.) The island you are on teaches you basic skills in the game. Then you build a boat to take you back to the mainland, Caronisco. You are looking for your brother throughout the game and Main-Quests (Main-quests are long quests that lead you to your brother[have to be done to find him] while other quests only help), Sub-Quests (Medium-Long quests that do not require to be done to find your brother but are still complicated and help you), and Side-Quests (short-[medium-short] quests that help you bit by bit find your brother [these quests are usually gathering or message delivering type quests] so they are very simple)  will help you figure out what to do to find your brother.

Once you are on the main island you meet a man named Goron who has you do a quests which requires you to kill the GOBLIN KING and sail to the goblin island which requires a ship built by barbarians [which arent friendly unless you are the class barbarian]. You then either get free if you are a barbarian or have to fight Olaf the King Barbarian.

Once you arrive at the Goblin Island you fight through many battles with partners aquired at the Barbarian Island Gaton [Gaaton, not Gayton]. You travel through the extremely long tunnels and battle Goblin Mages, Shamans, And Warlords, to fing yourself at the Goblin Kings footsteps.

More will be Informed if you join the game.

Info/Summary: You go on many Main-Quests, Sub-Quests, and Side-Quests to find yourself rescuing your older brother.

There are skills such as[This is a complete list of current skills]:
Combat Skills:

Attack, Strength, Defense, Health, Range, White Magic, Black Magic, Protect Magic, Dark Magic, Sneak, Thief, Healing, Summoning, Mounting, Assassinating, Agile, Soul

Noncombat Skills

Fletching, Woodcutting, Blacksmithing, Firemaking, Fishing, Cooking, Mining, Scavenging, Enchanting, Imbuing, Swimming, Sailing, Potion Making, Farming, Crafting

There are Races Such as[Full list of current races]:

Human, Goblin, Elf, Dwarf, Ogre, Demons, Blood Elf, Dark Elf, Fairy, Dark Fairy, Orc, Skeleton, Zombie, Hobgoblin, Minotuar, Abatwa, Almas, Vampire, Centuar, Dhampir, Cyclops, Emere, Enchanted Moor, Giant, Fir Blog, Gancanagh, Gorgon, Half-Elf, Imp, Lilitu, Nasnas, Peri, Troll, Satori, Skrzak, Harpy, Gnome Succubus.

There are classes such as[full list of current classes]:
Classes (Main)

Barbarian, Necromancer, Monk, Sorcerer, Berserker, Knight, Warrior, Priest, Paladin, Archer, Tank, Assassin I, Assassin II, Assassin III, Theif, Rouge, Warlord, Healer, (Custom)

Classes (Sub)

Survivor, Blacksmith, Fletcher, Lumberjack, Herbist, Imbuer, Enchanter, Athlete, Ocean Captain, Farm Boy, Sculptor

Time Era : Medieval

Gameplay type : Fantasy MMORPG Sword fighting, Magic ,Ranged

Features :
There are the following minigames:
Kingdoms - Control your own Kingdoms with economics, townspeople, [and even make money] etc.,  Also control your own armies defending and attacking yours and other castles.
Destructive Conquest - Create an army of other players and yourself ([100-250] Rank Novice) ([250-500] Rank Intermediate) ([500-100] Rank Epic Warrior)
And more to come.
Start by picking one of each of the following:
Race [listed above]
Main-Class [listed above]
Sub-Class [listed above]
Crest [in creation]
Sign [in creation]

All skills max out at 100 unless you get it’s symbol in-crested in the ring of symbols [can have all symbols in-crested in it] then they become 101

Each option above has starting options to choose which stay with you the whole game. Say the Choices above add up to 20 Attack 20 Strength 20 Defense 20 Health that means you can get 121 Attack, Strength, Defense, and Health.



Go to one of these and click view image to see them. File host wasn’t working 😛

Anything else you need to put out, or extra info:
Choose from 3 Main alliances, Make your own, Or join a custom made one. [Good or Evil Pretty Much]

Choose from a Already Made guild or make your own.

Make a party with other people and help fight monsters together.

You create a temporary Password to let other people help you level your account with trust(Has a lot of safety blocks)

Jobs list:
each star means more importance:

  • not important
    ***** important

***Mapper - send me a map at cbsewell@hotmail.com
*****GFX - send me gfx’s you’ve made at cbsewell@hotmail.com
***Music Composer
*Story Writer
**Item Creator
***Expirience, Skill, and money system makers
***Website maker
*Game Hosting
*Other - send me info if you can

All help accepted [the more the merrier]

e-mail me at cbsewell@hotmail.com for apply or any questions [not necessary unless job requires sent info

I only ask for e-mail because cpu cannot read some screenshots unless received by email