How do I change the stat types and how they affect Gameplay?

How do I change the stat types and how they affect Gameplay? :icon_crap:

I am not entirely sure how they work, but to change them open ur server folder.  In it there is a file called ‘data.ini’ (it just shows up as data on the screen) with a little notepad next to a gear.  Scroll down until u find these entries:


classes has nothing to do with it, but u can change the names of all the stats if you want.  to change what they do, go to the file called stats (also in the server folder).  There, you can change what they do to an extent ( such as how much HP, MP and SP they give per level).  Hope this helped =D

Hi Railguy, welcome to the forums 🙂

Fully changing the stat types require a source edit, I believe.
But I can give you a quick explanation on how they effect gameplay.

Strength is how strong you are; the more strength you have, the higher attack you’ll have, and the more HP you will have.

Defense is your ability to take less damage from enemies’ attacks.  I forget the formula for calculating how much you will get hurt based off defense though.

The only thing Speed currently does, is effect your Energy (every time you run or attack, energy goes down; the more speed you have, the least amount of time energy takes to replenish).

Magic, I think, alters the amount of MP (mana to cast spell, etc) you have.

Now, remember that you can use,162.0.html to take the stats in consideration when working out the gameplay.
For instance, in my game, I have scripted spells; and the more Magic you have, the higher damage those spells would cause.
Alternatively, I have when a player is attacked he has a chance of dodging based on his Speed.

I hope this helps.

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