RUN-TIME ERROR '429' ActiveX can't create object (UNSOLVED)

I have done everything people have told me to to make the server load and note have Run-Time Error ‘429’  but I can’t get it can somebody please give me a link or tell me how to figure it out. And no not the link to the Thing to fix this I’ve tried 5 times already.

You’re going to need to get the .net framework from Microsoft so you can download and install the,58345.0.html
That’s a Library error, as you didn’t install the Library Files properly or at all.

2 things i thought what you told me to download (vista fix was supposed to fix it) it fixed the client. And I downloaded library files on cousn’s CPU and it still didn’t work on mine (FLASHDRIVE) ill try .net frameworking

Problem is, Vista Fix works, but it seems like your computer doesn’t have any vb6 runtimes or updates – at all.
The Eclipse Library Installer has EVERYTHING that Eclipse needs, server and client.
But ELI is compiled using the latest Visual Studios, which means it runs on the .net framework.

ok im trying to find it so idk might take a while to find the correct one give me a link if you know one please 😃

can someone please tell me how to fix runtime error 429 every one says the same fn thing over when it doesn’t work. Also does anyone know a mirror for library installer? Or a link to .net framework



Oh wow, it’s ELI Slim!  Didn’t know that was still around, or I would have recommended it  :embarrassed:

EDIT: I just noticed this topic was locked, sorry XD

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