Map of 'The Woodlands'

Just south of Haleshire is the dreaded Woodlands.

I tried to dampen the color a little bit to make it seem like a more depressing place, and avoided using any bright flowers or shrubs. Lemme know whatcha think!

Btw, the terrible transition from dark grass to green grass is a map change, so it isnt noticed at all in game. Please criticize!

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Unless its supposed to be like this, there is a wall of purely dead trees on the left. Thats pretty much all I could find though. I don’t have that detailed of an eye 😉

Yeah, it’s supposed to be that way. Players aren’t meant to go left or right on this map, only down. I figured that would be the most natural-looking way of going about it.

It wouldn’t grow like that though… The trees would wave inwards and out a bit.

Ah, I’ve tried that. It’s insanely difficult for me because of fringe layers 1 and 2 constantly cutting each other off. I just want players to get the message that they can’t cross through the sides of the map. 😕

Quite the improvement since you posted your last set of maps.

Anyhow, I like the new details you threw in, the entrance to the town looks a lot better now!

I’ve got a few suggestions that should hopefully help with a few things:

1. Fix those walls of dead trees, use pathways to interact with other maps for both of the left and right sides. Maybe use a few signs too. Use a short pathway in the front or make a trail that leads to the town.

2. Water. It needs a bit of water, so throw in a few ponds around the area. It’ll make everything look a lot more alive and nicer.

3. The repetition of trees kind of off-throws parts of the map, maybe use another kind of tree if you can. Atleast see if it works or not.

4. Elevation. I’d love to see some hills or holes in the ground, the more you add for the player to interact with, the better.

Anyhow, that’s all I’ve got for now. Someone should be able to do a better job than me. Good luck!

I’m considering re-editing Haleshire so that there’s an entrance from the top of it, and that’s where the path could be.

(Basically, I’m too lazy to go re-edit the forest with a path. I’ll just let the forest be a questing area for Haleshire or something)

Thanks for the advice 😄

I think it looks good, but it should have some topographic variations, either small hills in places or lakes and/or rivers. Also, considering how rich that village is, wouldn’t there be some sort of footpath to it?

Yeah, as Anna may be suggesting, I don’t understand why there would be an open wall to a small square-ish woodland/wild beneath. What purposes does it have? Will there be more content south, maybe even another city down the track? Definitely have a road and such if so.

Black=messed up mapping (like “Needs fringe” and things, not really anything to discuss)
Red= looks bad (There’s a lot more, but there overall things so…)

There’s too much variation. Unless you can and do explain why there’s so many different trees, then it should be changed. (In real life, places have similar trees naturally, like all tall evergreens, as every tree needs a specific environment to live, and every place is only one environment…)
The dark trees are too squatty. They look more like giant shrubs.
Too many clashing objects.
Objects clutter the screen.What’s with all the stumps and logs? The stumps make it seem as if they were cut, as the top is flat, but the logs indicate that they fell over…

I think that that’s enough stuff for now, as you haven’t updated the Haleshire map yet…  XD

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